How to Enable Setting on WhatsApp for Multi-device Support for Android and IOS – DTW

WhatsApp for Multi-device

The most famous and direct messages app WhatsApp launch a new beta version of the WhatsApp for Multi-device update. If anyone joins the beta version you are eligible for a new updated version for ios and android. They have no privacy issues and any other issue but WhatsApp wants to try new features for others.  … Read more

How to Launch a New Product on Social Media with Good Success Rate? – DTW

Launch a New Product on Social Media

You can learn several things to launch a new product on social media. Recent studies show that over 80% of consumers trust companies more when they are involved in social media. This is a crucial step to build trust and drive leads. If you are a brand new business owner, it is important to understand … Read more

Is there a monopoly in social media networks? – DTW

monopoly in social media network

Let’s discuss how top social media networks always remain at the top position because of their monopoly in social media.  Thair can use our data to support their company and subsidiary company growth. for example, Facebook uses our data from their Parent company WhatsApp and Instagram and Facebook can optimize their ads for customer perspective … Read more

What is a Common Mistake that Small Business owners make when their businesses begin growing? – DTW

common mistake that small business

What is a common mistake that small business owners make? The number of industry adventurers is increasing day by day. Many young Entrepreneurs are not too afraid to take the risk now and are moving ahead with all their hard work and dedication. Today’s youth do not delay in trying a new idea, they try … Read more