What are the various types of funding for startups?

1. Equity funding 2. Debt funding 3. Government grants

In equity funding has no repayment pressure, but you have to let go of a stake in your company

Equity Funding

Pre Seed funding Seed Funding Angel Round Vencher round Series A,b, c Funding

Pre-Seed Funding

Pre-Seed funding is the earliest funding round where a startup raises money for its problem-solution ideas, propositions, and demand.

Seed Rounds Funding

The first money you invest in your startup is called a seed fund. We need money to make the idea into reality, that money will come from this seed fund.

Angel Round

Angel Round

Angel investments are typically made through small entities or start-ups that are formed for investment purposes or by wealthy.

Venture round of funding

When raising a priced round, founders need to find an investor willing to lead rounds A, B, and C.

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