Facebook Introduced a Parent Supervision Tool in 2022 – DTW

Facebook introduced a parent supervision tool that lauch on 15 March 2022.

Instagram launched its new feature Launch which is part of Family Center. In this, parents can check their children’s activity, daily time limit, followers following data.

Parents can also get information such as who the child has blocked and which user has been reported.

Nowadays all the children make their profiles on Instagram and because of being young age. Because of this, parents worry about their child that he might be doing it on social media. Concerning its security, Meta has launched a new feature on Instagram.

Because of this feature, now parents can track the activities of their children. Because of this, parents can prevent their children from going on different tracks.

Currently, this feature is available in the USA for initial supervision and after that some time this is available for all.

Why Instagram parenting feature introduce?

Nowadays social media has become so popular that all the children also use social media like Instagram in their peak age. Because of that, he can go on the wrong track. Use it to show the right path this feature is useful.

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Parenting control on virtual reality headset

Mosseri said that we are planning to introduce this parenting control feature on the virtual reality headset also. In this feature, parents can set a daily limit of their child’s social account.
Meta has also worked on the parent dashboard feature to Shaw all data in one place. Where time spends of their children on social media.

Source: https://about.fb.com/news/2022/03/parental-supervision-tools-instagram-vr/

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