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Bing Webmaster Guidelines Updated for AI “Conversation Mode”

Bing Webmaster Guidelines Updated for AI “Conversation Mode”

17 Mar, 2023 Local Search Optimization, Uncategorized

Microsoft has introduced a new AI-powered search engine featured in Bing Search. This new feature will improve the relevancy of core search engine rankings and create a more personalized experience for those who utilize the Bing Search Engine.

What’s Added

The new search engine builds on the older model of the Bing search engine to create a better experience for its users. The model known as Prometheus powers the AI integrations, which help to improve relevancy, annotate answers, provide up-to-date results, understand geolocation, and increase safety. Essentially, Microsoft is using a new version of Open AI’s ChatGPT, GPT -3.5, to create a faster, more accurate search engine. GPT 3.5 is customized specifically for search. The new AI-powered search engine is made for users. People can chat, ask questions, or create content with the new AI-powered search engine.

These new additions will create a new Bing homepage in which Bing will greet its users with the message, “ask me anything,” insinuating that searchers can ask questions and receive complete answers in real time.

The relevancy improved once Microsoft announced new core search index improvements. This is a direct result shown from the application of AI to Bing’s core search ranking engine.

Why We Care

Bing clearly believes that AI-powered search engines are the future of search engine optimization. It is crucial that we understand how search engines adapt during this shift in search engine optimization. BluShark Digital will be monitoring these changes closely, not only how it impacts overall customer experience but also how other search engines will be reacting to this major update.

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