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The League: Uniting Women In Law

The League: Uniting Women In Law

21 Mar, 2023 Uncategorized

BluShark’s Chief Strategy Officer Nalini Prasad recently helped found The League, a new legal membership group with the goal to unite ALL women in the legal industry, regardless of role. Launched at the end of 2022, The League is a coalition of women dedicated to personal growth, professional development, individual financial management, and the celebration and support of women within the legal community.

One of the most noteworthy distinctions between this group and other women’s groups that currently exist in the legal space is that The League is inclusive of lawyers, paralegals, vendors, legal assistants, office managers, law students, and other non-attorney legal professionals. Up until now, women in these roles have lacked a place to come together to collaborate and network with each other in the same ways trial lawyers often do at conferences, CLEs, and symposiums. The League is a supportive and safe community for women attorneys and non-attorneys to connect and learn from each other through a member portal, forums and discussions, virtual connection sessions and learning sessions, and in-person events.

This type of group matters because empowered women are more powerful partners. The League is shifting the paradigm from silos to unity, from competition to collaboration. This monumental shift creates connection and community across the country. Opening up the conversation to all in the legal industry strengthens relationships and gives all players – regardless of gender – greater insight into not only diverse aspects of the industry, but also diverse aspects of humanity. Simply put, having a central organization for all women in legal empowers women so that they can continue to power the machine that is the legal industry.

Here at BluShark Digital, we are incredibly thrilled to have our leaders playing a prominent role in the formation and growth of this new women’s empowerment group.

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