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Just imagine! How to live life without social media? – DTW

without social media means no more notification! No distraction! NO more reply! Not feeling guilty from others is good in their profile. You have lots of time to work well in your real life.

All social media creators post their good things no one shares any bad. This is a good sign, but you also realize most people show off their lifestyle with the help of social media, But this is not their lifestyle. They do it to show others and garner applause.

I can’t imagine without social media. You feel like this. Here some factors that explain life without social media.

Can you be happy without social media?

Try and feel one day how you feel. You will feel that you have missed many things, but you will see that 80% of them will not work for you. 

you will see what you have got for that; then you will have a lot of things to tell, like living in the present, increase concentration, more connecting from your around people, You will know what is happening around you, you will have time to give to others and to learn new things, etc


But in today’s time, social media has become a basic necessity. Today everything happens through social media. So you can do one thing, keep your business and job-related social media use and let everyone else out.

In the middle of the day, you should keep one day to do whatever you think you want to do on that day, once every month of every week.

How does social media affect your mind?

A 2018 British study tied social media use to decreased, disrupted, and delayed sleep, associated with depression, memory loss, and poor academic performance. 

Why do you use social media frequently? Have you ever thought! The main reason behind this is that if you enjoy seeing photos or videos of others, then there is a metabolic effect in your mind. You get happy with it for a short time. 

As soon as you change your profile photo, you start waiting for notification, and whenever a notification comes, you will see its name, who has liked it, or who has commented. But the person who would have liked or commented has liked or commented on you in the same way, so you have also done it.

If someone has written well in it, then you will be happy, or who has written bad, then you will be sadder, and even if you do not know the person who has made a bad comment, you will still be depressed.


You don’t need to show off your lifestyle on social media and Keep your private moments private. Install a social media tracker to track your time, and after that analysis, you can utilize your time in good creative and productive work. 

How can I socialize without social media?

If you are young, you have many options to socialize without using social media like playing outdoor games like football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, go and start swimming, cycling, and many more options to go socialized. 

If you are an aged person so you also know about your interest from your past life and do something different, your children and youth take inspiration from you. For example, Pete Harman starts KFC at the age of 65.

If you meet someone face to face is more effective than you meet a virtual person. A face-to-face meeting is to give use direction to another person interested in me or not. We found their behavior.

What happened to social media in my life? OR What happened if social media was not in my life? comment your thoughts below!!

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