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Sometimes it’s difficult to see your past life before 5 to 10 years ago and now you can compare to the current time life has completely changed because of social media and internet availability. 

You can check how social media affects our life, then you can track your mobile or pc screen time with many apps like myhour, toggltrack, timely, replicon, harvest, etc provide this type of detail. 

Here you can shaw some statistics that daily social media use worldwide reports from Statista. Every people spend thair 145 minutes every day using social media. 

How Does Social Media Affects or Change Our Life? - DTW - DTW

How does social media affects or impact our day-to-day life?

Here, the statistics for social media accounts increase drastically.

With the help of social media, all people are connected and the world is getting smaller but all technology has a good and bad impact.

Because of social media people are connected to everybody in the world. Get more information on news and events also.

Some other factors that affect social media are very dangerous for all people because of social media people get more addicted and spend more of their time that can affect your body negatively. 

Now we talk about how social media impact our day-to-day life. Generally, social media is used for posting (photo, videos, and content), memes, and life updates for others. Because all people who post that to show their lifestyle to others and some people are affected by this type of post because every person posts only good things on social media and the person who shows this picture is jealous of their lifestyle. 

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Type of Social media impact

1. Direct impact

2. Indirect impact 

1. Direct impact of social media on our life

Here we give a main direct impact of social media 

Job proposals affected by social media

Many people get their jobs with the help of social media and also lose their jobs for trolling on social media posts or comments. Currently, most companies check their employee social media account when they join an organization. 

So social media plays an important role to get their job. (McCommond lost thair job of teen vogue for tweet of anti-Asia and homophobic

The current era is the digital era. So everyone gives their opinion on social media and someone gets a troll from social media and some people file complaints against their post.

For example, England cricketer Ollie Robinson was banned in 8 games for tweets about being racist and sexiest in 2012. 

monopoly in social media networks

Mental and emotional health 

Here the mental and emotional health of social media plays the main role for all humans. Below are some factors that directly affect all people. 

Happiness using social media

All people post on social media for more like comments and followers. If your post is viral or you got a lot of followers so you are very happy for that but your post has low like and comments then this affects you negatively. 

Abuse and harassment 

All celebrities and social influencers feel abuse of messages and comment they directly impact mental health.

Some people or groups intentionally cyber-bullying for that feel bad. 

Anxiety and loneliness

All people scrolling and using social media feel FOMO “Fear of missing out” because all people post their good pic on social media and we feel that they are very happy because they post a good photo every day that fear gives you anxiety and loneliness for you. 

Should you get off social media?

Getting off social media is not a solution. If you can use social media to connect from another world, news, and events. But we can use social media the least.

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